Magazine Articles

Bombing the Abbey [Monte Cassino]

World War II History, December 2018

The Making of George S. Patton

World War II History, February 2019

Inconvenient Truth: A Reporter Tells Lincoln What the Government Would Not.

America’s Civil War, November 2018

Daring Operation Flagpole: A Secret Mission in North Africa Made General Mark Clark a National Hero.

World War II History, October 2018

At First It Was Quiet . . . Truce at Italy’s Rapido River, January 1944.

World War II, June 2018

What Are You Doing in My Country? American Flyers Held Captive in Switzerland.

World War II History, April 2018

Not a Very Merry Christmas: American Troops on the Front Line in Italy, December 1943.

World War II, December 2017

Jove’s Thunder: The Yankees’ Orgy of Destruction at Fredericksburg.

America’s Civil War, November 2017

The Return of Hadley’s Harem: A Ploesti Raid B-24 Recovered

World War II History, August 2017

Two Roads Taken: George Meade Found Fame as Both Warrior and Engineer.

America’s Civil War, May 2017

The Princess and the POWs: American Airmen and the Angel of Ploesti

World War II History, December 2015

Henry Morton Stanley Goes to War

America’s Civil War, September 2015

The Maverick Marine: Evans Carlson

World War II History, February 2015

Commando Kelly’s War

World War II History, December 2014

George Armstrong Custer: West Point’s Worst Cadet

America’s Civil War, November 2013

The Pilot, the Prince, and the Rescue: A Romanian Royal Saves 1161 Americans

Military History Quarterly, Autumn 2013

A Strange and Blighted Land: The Second Invasion of Gettysburg

Military History Quarterly, Summer 2013

The Breaking Point: Combat Fatigue

World War II History, June 2013

Death of an American Soldier: Henry Waskow

World War II History, April 2013

First Strike: The Scheme to Preemptively Attack Japan

World War II, July-August 2012

American Samurai: The Lost Battalion

World War II, November-December 2011

The Kindness of Strangers: Thousands of Danes and One Brave German Defy the Nazis to Rescue Denmark’s Jews

World War II, March-April 2011

Rage over the Rapido

World War II, January-February 2011