Magazine Articles

Rage over the Rapido

World War II, January-February

The Kindness of Strangers: Thousands of Danes and One Brave German Defy the Nazis to Rescue Denmark’s Jews

World War II, March-April 2011

American Samurai: The Lost Battalion

World War II, November-December 2011

First Strike: The Scheme to Preemptively Attack Japan

World War II, July-August 2012

Death of an American Soldier: Henry Waskow

World War II History, April 2013

The Breaking Point: Combat Fatigue

World War II History, June 2013

A Strange and Blighted Land: The Second Invasion of Gettysburg

Military History Quarterly, Summer 2013

The Pilot, the Prince, and the Rescue: A Romanian Royal Saves 1161 Americans

Military History Quarterly, Autumn 2013

George Armstrong Custer: West Point’s Worst Cadet

America’s Civil War, November 2013

Commando Kelly’s War

World War II History, December 2014

The Maverick Marine: Evans Carlson

World War II History, February 2015

Henry Morton Stanley Goes to War

America’s Civil War, September 2015

The Princess and the POWs: American Airmen and the Angel of Ploesti

World War II History, December 2015

The Making of George S. Patton

World War II History, coming 2016